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Agonic Marine Blocking Guidelines
Agonic Marine Blocking Guidelines M

Blocking Guidelines

Agonic Marine Transport recommends the following guidelines for the blocking required to block boats, both power and sail.

Blocking for Power Boats

The blocking used to block power boats is usually referred to as cribbing. Steel jack stands are the best for blocking power boats for maintenance and storage but are generally expensive and hard to get. Cribbing is made by using 16″ lengths of 2″-x-4″ lumber alternating each direction. For easy of handling we recommend making the cribbing with these dimensions.

Two of these cubes stacked (16″-x-16″-x-16″)¬†gives you the height for the back corners of the boat and single cubes for the keel. For larger boats, a block is required under the engines and another stack of two midship along both the sides.

To make a set of cribbing for an average 30′ boat you will need approximately 40 pieces of 8′ 2″-x-4″ made according to the instructions above.

Blocking for Sailboats

Sailboats are blocked by making a custom wooden cradle or by using steel jack stands provided at most marinas and boat yards. Custom cradles vary depending on the size of vessel and the keel configuration. We use 2″-x-6″ and 4″-x-4″ lumber for the upright supports, with the majority of the weight being supported on the keel.

A firm, solid and level ground is required for blocking sailboats.

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